Kitaba Community Bicycle Ride

This will be a six hour thrill discovery of the Kitaba Community such a lovely place and very friendly people.  First of all you will get to visit the local UPE School and see all the little children at school, go to the local church and then interact with the local communities in these areas.  Then you will have the opportunity to visit the breath taking Nyabiiha Falls. This is a legendary Water Fall through a gage of 30M High with great escapements and the site is amazing.

You will take a walk to the hilly yet beautiful Bakiiga Terrace farm areas. This walk will no doubt be challenging yet so refreshing as you will enjoy the good air and great scenery of the green miles of hilly terraces. 

This will reveal a number of beautiful sites like the Ishasha River, Rutenga View

Rushebeya Rock Hill, Agricultural Activities especially the Banana Plantations of Kitaba  and the Rugarambiro Hill

You will then explore cultural art and crafts form the shop. These are handmade and unique pieces of art. Get an explosive Katabi community performance from the local community.

This hot tour cost $ 40

Seasonality:  The great news is it can be done all year round. Do not hesitate BOOK NOW!