Kashekye Hill View Tour

You will spend 2 full hours on this tour around the beautiful countryside. Our first stop will be at the tea plantation were you will get a stunning view of the vast green mile of well leveled tea plantation.

You will get to know all about the process of growing tea and ask questions as well. Then proceed to witness first hand sustainable agro farming practices in the area

. You will then visit the top of Bwindi View heights.  After such an interesting tour of the region, you will enjoy some delicious refreshments as relax with your friend.

Then we will for a trek though the lovely green forest for Bird watching, baboon and monkey watching.  This needs us to get you special clearance from UWA.

This tour is very special to you and the communities at large as you get to enjoy this awesome tour and meet some new people, they in turn receive a certain percentage of the profits made from the tour.

This hot tour cost $ 20

Seasonality:  The great news is it can be done all year round. Do not hesitate BOOK NOW!